Welcome to DeFi Utopia.

Get paid to trade and borrow with full MEV protection and virtually unmatched liquidity sourcing.

KeeperDAO is building a decentralized protocol for Keepers that will help make Ethereum a more secure, egalitarian, and profitable network for all.

In the meantime, enjoy our innovative suite of DeFi primitives. Trade, Borrow, and Earn without exposing yourself to predatory MEV bots that roam the Dark Forest that is Ethereum's public mempool.

Place MEV-protected limit orders that get executed for free. Get rewarded in ROOK when your trade results in an on-chain profit opportunity.

Open up a Vault and secure your Liquidity Positions in an MEV protective NFT-wrapper. Receive a cash-back in case of liquidation.

Provide liquidity to the protocol. Receive a proportionate share of our Keepers on-chain profits, paid out in ROOK.

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