Creating a more profitable, fair and secure DeFi metaverse.
KeeperDAO is a DAO dedicated to Keepers and the work they do. We are united around a shared mission: to bring about a decentralised economy in which Keepers create more efficient, secure, and egalitarian blockchain networks.
Together with them, we make DeFi a better place to do business. Where users and protocols aren't at risk of being exploited by miners and predatory bots, but are instead protected by an Economy of Keepers, who will coordinate, capture and fairly redistribute MEV back to them.
Because of our coordinating Keeper Economy we're not only able to provide the most complete MEV protection in DeFi, but by capturing and redistributing the available on-chain profits back to our users and partners, we allow them to get paid to play.
On top of our core technology, KeeperDAO is developing a novel suite of products for use by individual and institutional users as well as other DeFi protocols.
Through the Hiding Game, DeFi users can get paid to trade assets with zero slippage, zero gas fees, and full MEV-protection, and earn ROOK in the process.
Through the Hiding Vault, users can borrow assets from major lending protocols such as Compound and Aave in a more secure and profitable way, while earning additional yield in ROOK.
The Hiding Book integration allows DeFi protocols to provide their users with completely costless, MEV-protected, zero-slippage limit orders, while also benefitting from unmatched liquidity sourcing.
Founding Principles
Reward those that add value
Users, applications and protocols are what makes DeFi valuable. MEV profits shouldn't come at their expense. Instead, they should be rewarded to a share of any surplus profit gained from their activity.
MEV doesn't belong to block producers
Keepers discover MEV and provide liquidity to capture it; protocols and users create MEV with their markets, products, and transactions. Block producers are incidental to the MEV economy and have no claim to the value within the blocks they validate or mine.
Search for "win-win" scenarios
Coordination and cooperation can be more competitive than going at it alone, especially in the open world of DeFi. We want to embody coordination not only in our protocol design, but in business practices and funding, to create a DAO that looks to work with others, shares its profits to gain even more, and welcomes any partnership or contribution where both parties stand to gain.
Solve hard problems
As co-founder Joey Zacherl said, "we're a home run first, singles and doubles later type of ball club." We want to be a DAO focused on providing lasting solutions to the complex problems of MEV and the Keeper economy. Solutions that generalize and can flourish in many directions.
We believe in the power of decentralisation to create stronger communities and modes of production. We are committed to creating and experimenting with all approaches that can allow us to become a stronger DAO.
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