Get paid to integrate the most comprehensive MEV protection into your
Integrating with the Hiding Book allows you to offer your users free and fully MEV-protected limit orders, while benefitting from unmatched liquidity efficiency.
Additionally, any available MEV will be captured by our Keepers and handed back to you and your users pro rata.
In this way, by integrating with the Hiding Book, both our partners and their users will get paid to play.
Every day, MEV bots are exploiting your users
MEV is a big and growing problem in DeFi, resulting in slippage, higher gas fees, failed transactions, and frustrated users. And Ethereum 2.0 won't fix it.
On average this year, users and protocols are being manipulated out of $2,300,000 in MEV per day.
In the competitive DeFi landscape, protecting yourself and your users from predatory MEV attacks has moved from a nice perk to a requisite.
Thankfully, this is now easily accomplished through integrating with the Hiding Book, which allows you to provide your users with fully MEV-protected limit order functionality.
Lower bound estimate of cumulative Extracted MEV on Ethereum L1 alone (source: Flashbots)
Why use the Hiding Book
• Free and fully MEV-protected limit orders
• Zero slippage
• Full control over trade execution price
• Receive MEV rewards if order resulted in captured MEV
• Soft Cancel, Instant Fill and Stop Limit (coming soon)
• Free and fully MEV-protected limit orders
• Receive optional 5% of MEV Rewards
• Unmatched liquidity efficiency
• Easy integration
• Client-friendly API
• Smooth front end user experience
• Round the clock technical support
• Minimal KeeperDAO branding
Use Cases

Decentralized Exchanges



DeFi Products

How does it work
Integrating with the Hiding Book allows partners to route their limit orders through the Hiding Game, to be executed by integrated KeeperDAO Keepers.
This is a win-win because both user and Keeper will work together to maximize profit generation from a trade the user was going to perform anyways.
Since our Keepers have access to virtually any liquidity source, the Hiding Book is able to efficiently fill limit orders with zero slippage, fully MEV-protected.
Additionally, any available MEV is captured by our Keepers and redistributed pro rata to the user and partnering exchange.
Why use limit orders
Limit orders provide traders guaranteed execution price and allows them to trade bigger size with zero slippage, as long as the liquidity can be found.
Normally, for market makers and institutional traders (colloquially, 'whales') access to sufficient liquidity is a problem in DeFi, leaving them unable to place large orders without suffering from slippage and being at risk of MEV attacks.
This problem isn't exclusive to the bigger players in DeFi, as the scattered liquidity across DEXs and CEXs (especially for less liquid token pairs) can cause smaller traders to suffer from the same issues.
Integrating with the Hiding Book fixes the liquidity fragmentation problem by enlisting Keepers, who are able to leverage bespoke order execution strategies and can source liquidity from virtually anywhere, whether that's from DEXs, CEXs, OTC, or somewhere else.
KeeperDAO's Keepers can source liquidity from anywhere.
All DEX networks
All Centralized Exchanges
Partner Rewards Program
By default, users will receive 100% of the filled order's reward based on the amount of arbitrage captured by a Keeper.
Registered partners can opt to receive 5% of the total reward amount for themselves.
This incentivizes partners to integrate with the Hiding Book and enables them to generate revenue from the integration.
Why integrate
By integrating with the Hiding Book, partner exchanges provide their users
Full control over their trade execution price
Their best chance of getting their orders filled
Zero slippage
The ability to trade assets for free
Full MEV protection on limit orders
MEV rewards in $ROOK
How to integrate
You can integrate the Hiding Book by following the integration guide.
Integration is relatively straightforward, mainly depending on whether or not your exchange has limit order functionality set up already. If anything is unclear or if you have any further questions, contact us and we'll help you out.
Frequently Asked Questions
Integration is relatively straightforward, mainly depending on whether or not your exchange has limit order functionality set up already. The required components are an 0xv4 integration and front end limit order functionality. For more details, consult our Integration Guide.

We can offer engineering and testing support and will set up a dedicated channel with representatives who will be available to communicate with you when you need it. You can also receive advance notice of planned protocol changes and assistance with upgrades if necessary.

Of course, your best bet is to contact either Lapras or Tommy inside the KeeperDAO Discord.

Not at this time.

Not yet, but it's planned for 2022.